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What originally began as a fun race between a dozen outgoing New York chefs who trekked all the way up to Hunter Mountain, in upstate New York, for a day of camaraderie and healthful sports, became what is known today as the US Chefs Ski Race. It has since grown in membership, events, as well as trophies and prizes. In the winter of 1975 the Chefs Ski Race was initiated by famous ski school director Karl Plattner, and organized by restaurateur Jacky Ruette. It attracted some two dozen of New York’s top chefs and restaurateurs including André Soltner of Lutèce, Seppi Renggli of the Four Seasons, Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque and the late Pierre Franey of the New York Times magazine section’s “60 Minute Gourmet”. The race was inaugurated to honor Jacques Pépin, now a TV personality, author and former chef at the presidential Élysée Palace in Paris, who had been involved in a very bad automobile accident. Thus was officially born the US Chefs Ski Race. In 1983, the US Chefs Ski Club was created to not only help in expending the membership and attendance to the annual races but to also offer many other activities and events to its members. We celebrated our 40th Anniversary this past ski season.

The US CHEFS SKI CLUB/CHEFS OF ALL NATIONS is an organization that was specifically created to provide the Culinary and Hospitality Industry members an opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports, spirited friendship and wonderful trips in an atmosphere of camaraderie away from the work place.

The Club offers two challenging ski races in the winter at Hunter Mountain, a fabulous annual ski trip and several exciting summer events.

The Club is open to all members of the Culinary and Hospitality Industry.

Pictured above from left to right: Izzy Slutzky, Karl Plattner, Jerry Peskowitz, Unknown, Michel Keller, Jacky Ruette, Jacques Pepin, Orville Slutzky, Goldie Slutzky.

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